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Strategy is one of our keys to success. Effort is huge when it comes to implementing it the right way. Our strategy team comprises of innovative thinkers, excellent implementers and dedicated support resources. These three team of resources blend well enough to come up with best results and state of the art executions for any product. Moreover, all our practices are delivered in an agile fashion.


We have relevant and reliable resources with hands-on experience on various tools and technologies on Machine Learning, Deep learning, Cloud and DevOps for Mobile and Web Applications. With a profound mind, we quickly assess a customer’s situation or pain points and decisively choose the best solution. Solutions that we suggest and implement can be a customized version of customers’ existing systems or a completely new innovation.


Our engagement with customers do not stop right after the expected outcomes from the IT solutions delivered. We are committed to support our customers more strongly by delivering necessary knowledge to sustain the success. We deepen individual expertise and ease the ability to reach out to operate as a cohesive team, have integrated engagements with amplifying knowledge and effects.

Our Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging frontiers and we believe that AI will be embedded into every business solution in future. It helps to improve key business/operational factors, customer satisfaction and grid operations. Our extensive team of data scientists consider and mandates analytics to be a continuous process, rather than having it one time or at intervals.

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly developing stream. We hold expertise with hands-on experience in state of the art tools in Machine and Deep learning. The opportunity to reshape every business solution to enable them to reach closer to their customers comes with challenges in Data Engineering, lifecycle of complete Big Data management and integrating complex Machine learning algorithms with applications. Our team of ML developers have hands-on experiences on various NLP tools as well. We create recommendation engines through which business gets to know their customers better.

We address these challenges through tangible business outcomes through our expertise and services. We also reshape business solutions with modern architecture and approaches.

Cloud Engineering

Modern organizations rely on Cloud and the technology services that it provides. We understand the language of every business, which includes understanding business issues and how well technology and cloud solutions can resolve those issues.Our cloud engineers perceive and excel in a breadth of various cloud technologies and platforms.

Base technological theories on security, storage optimization, application services and delivery, user management, networking, computation are our strong forte. This helps us provide pragmatic and progressive open-sources solutions, automation solutions and much more. It is important for every cloud engineer to understand that cloud is not one product rather a combination of various tools and technologies that when put together in the right form, work in sync and interconnect with the rest of the cloud.

Infrastructure resiliency is another major factor that we focus on. We ensure we incorporate good DR and HA strategies and balance critical workloads. In between all these technologies we have high focus on cloud security and the next-generation security platforms.


DevOps is an integrated process that we have adopted to support continuous integration, continuous delivery, and agile functioning. Our DevOps approach helps to achieve an increase in team productivity and reduced time to market by upto 60%.

Continuous Delivery and microservices require a fair amount of testing to ensure quality. We make sure your automation platform integrates with all of your test automation tools and service virtualization. We plug-in all of your tool chain into your DevOps Automation platform – so you can orchestrate and “automate all the things”: CI, testing, configuration, infrastructure provisioning, deployments, application release processes, and production feedback loops. We also build agnostic solution for tools/environment agnostic so you can support each team’s workflow and tool chain, no matter what they are.

Our solution is flexible to support any workflow – from the simplest two-step web front-end deployment to the most complex ones (such as in the case of a complex testing matrix or embedded software processes).


Web, Mobile and what more!

We develop smart, responsive and progressive Web and Mobile applications to meet any sort of business requirements for continuous business productivity. We integrate pragmatic IT solutions with human intellect and allow solutions to learn from its experiences. With our perceptive analytical resources, we also provide extensive Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions to enable customers make the right business decisions.

Time to market with us!

Our percipient DevOps team comes up with the best time to market solutions for all your technology automations and they ensure the DevOps is continued in a seamless way throughout. We deliver solutions to automate build, deploy and test with open source tools for the development team to manage application upgrades effectively. We also provide pragmatic solutions for various cloud-based products using open source frameworks and we ensure that enterprise policies are met.

SARV for Services!

We do Data Processing as a service. Our team have hands on experiences in processing unstructured data to a sensible format. We provide testing as a service, using recent and popular automation tools such as Selenium, J-Meter, Cucumber, Web Services testing or based on client requirements. Our support team is available 24*7, either based on customer location or remotely, to provide support for Infrastructure, Network, Application, and Tools.

Specialised Technologies



We are actively hiring candidates with relevant experience for the following roles.

  • Data Scientists
  • R/Python developers with experience in using various Machine Learning tools
  • Full stack developers
  • Microservices Developers
  • Front-end developers (React/Angular)
  • Big Data Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers

Please e-mail your resume to hr@sarv.ae in the following format:
Subject : [Position/Domain you are applying for]
Body : [Cover letter with a brief self-introduction, which includes years of experience, current role, and notice period if currently working]

Our Team

We ensure that our practice leads are directly involved in every project we undertake, enabling senior-level engagement. We have a carefully selected team with the right blend of knowledge, skills and judgement to make an impact and the required talent to sustain in the rapidly changing industry. Our operational and support team provides additional strength by seamlessly managing their appropriate tasks.We have handpicked Data Scientists and Machine Learning developers who has extensive experience in dealing with a variety of industry-specific data and are experts in processing and visualizing them in various forms.

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